At the Millennia, we strive to make everyday luxurious.



All Services

+ Complimentary Services

24/7 Full Concierge Services to include:

  • Taxi requests
  • Laundry pick up and storage
  • Package sending and storage - UPS and FedEX.
  • Small cart is available to help tenants bring heavy groceries to their apartment

Superintendent on premises to repair or service all equipment including all appliances in your apartment.

Newspapers every morning. Several copies of NY Times and Wall Street Journal will be in Lobby and Social room every day for Tenants to read.

Morning coffee and tea. Fresh coffee and tea will be brewed each morning and provided with cream and milk for our tenants.

Afternoon fruit flavored ice water will be available every afternoon in Lobby.

Friday wine and cheese party in social lounge.

+ Additional Services

  • Dog grooming
  • Grocery shopping
  • Housekeeping
  • Dog washing
  • Car washing
  • Personal training
  • Laundry
  • Delivery - flowers, liquor



  • One of the most distinguishing features of the Millennia is its enclosed Atrium. This 5000 sq. ft 60 foot high indoor park is seen from all halls, fitness center, social room and offices. It is entered from the 2nd floor and Fitness center. It is 300,000 cu ft. and includes:
  • 4 Glass Pyramids - based on the glass pyramids outside the Louvre Museum in Paris. Each is 20’ to 30' on each side.
  • 22' Waterfall - based on the Hotel Aria in Las Vegas design and built by international waterfall company. Provides a soothing sound and spectacular appearance either in its quite slow mode or fast show mode (once an hour).
  • Park Benches and Tables - Many park benches and tables for tenants to use. Great place for a picnic lunch.
  • Larger Putting Green
  • Huge Trees - Many large tropical trees and shrubs are located in our indoor Park.
  • Acoustic Panels - Atrium walls and ceiling covered with more than 6,000 sq. ft of sound absorbing panels .
  • Fresh Flower Beds - These beds are changed frequently with seasonal flowers.
  • Private parties for up to 100 people until 9pm on weekends and 8pm on weeknights.


  • Putting green in atrium.
  • Pool table in social room.
  • Full fitness center.
  • Training classes on weekend in atrium.
  • Sports bar with many 4K TV sets.


The Millennia has many work spaces overlooking the Atrium. Tenants get large discounts on membership access to the shared work spaces and to renting private offices and cubicles. Have your own private office in the Millennia or just use shared spaces. Membership includes free high speed internet, free printing, free land phone line free fax, and free use of shredder. It also provides free use of large conference room for up to 3 hours per month.


Our roof top outdoor space is over 5000 sq. ft and includes the following:

  • Firepit - share the use of large rooftop Firepit with your neighbors in comfortable lounge chairs.
  • Barbeque - share use of 2 powerful gas barbecues to cook picnic or dinner.
  • Sunbathe - many lounge chairs and no obstructions to soak up the sun.
  • Kitchen - large rooftop kitchen with commercial Ice Maker and large Refrigerator to keep your drinks cold.
  • 6 picnic tables - for you and your friends.
  • Outdoor TV - large outdoor sitting area to watch Sunday football and other TV programs. Hi Resolution extra bright TV.
  • Flower gardens - 4 flower gardens on roof.
  • Roof bathroom.


  • Multiple lounge areas - either overlooking the Arium or in library
  • Fireplace - Large fireplace in Lounge with Atrium and waterfall behind.
  • Sports bar
  • Pool table
  • Card tables
  • Dining tables
  • Kitchen
  • Rental for private parties up to 50 guests
  • Complimentary Friday night wine and cheese party, get to know your neighbors.


Modeled on the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas--high end, large fitness center with many machines and free weights. Ratio of Equipment to Tenants is highest in New Rochelle and among highest in NY area. It overlooks the Atrium.


Large lobby level bike storage area and bike rental. Plenty of room to store your bike with easy access directly to street.


Large secure bin storage in heated basement or garage.


  • Main entrance - With flutted stone wall and black pond with small glass islands and soothing water fall
  • Reception lobby room - Beautiful reception room with large gas fireplace and comfortable seating
  • Reception lobby concierge room - Beautiful reception desk with very large package room behind for laundry and packages
  • Package and laundry notice TV screen - When you get a package your apartment number will slow on screen with indicator of laundry or package. You will also receive a text message.
  • Sales office off lobby
  • Mail room - This room provides a table in front of each mailbox, trash bins, shredder. This permits you to sort your mail and get rid of junk immediately


Millennia has more than 145 parking spaces including several handicap spaces. All are fully protected from rain or snow and secure by locking gates.


  • Every tenant is provided a custom FOB which permits access to the building--all entry doors from front and garage,the person's apartment, the fitness center, basement storage room, social room, bike room, roof, and if you are a member, the Office space. It can also provide access to your private office if needed. These spaces are kept securely locked at all times.


The heated outer lobby has an unlocked door from the street. Your guests can access an electronic entry system by selecting your apartment number (or add your name). Once this is entered you will receive a call. A live picture of your guest appears on your phone with a button to allow access to the building.


More than 20 TV cameras will be continuously monitoring and recording the parking lots, entrances, elevators, fitness center, social room, basement storage, roof and bike room. The concierge will have these images displayed as well.


All shared spaces will have free high speed internet access with building wide passcode.


Pet friendly building with dog park, dog grooming room with special sink and drying area. All pets must be approved by management. No tolerance for poorly behaved dogs.


Trash room on each floor with trash chute to compactor in separate main floor room, and large bins for recyclable waste and shelves for cardboard waste.